The building is a work of French-Ottoman architect Alexandre Vallaury, and was used as the “Debreli Ismail Pasha” mansion between 1876-1909. After burning on March 14, 1983, the seaside mansion was built again in 1993-1996, based on the relievo projects and old photos, in accordance with its original, by "Yalı Tourism Investments and Management Inc." with the allocation and approval of the Ministry of Tourism as "Bosphorus Palace Hotel".

Debreli Ismail Pasha Seaside Mansion is one of the most beautiful examples of Neo-Ottoman architecture.The building is 300 square meters on and 1486 square meters of land. Back then,the garden side of the seaside mansion was used as harem, and the seaside part was reserved for men.

Our hotel has 12 rooms, each with different decoration details, and with 7 different room types. While the high ceilings and wall decorations attract attention in the rooms, the furnishings are also covered with Italian handwork and 18 carat gold leaf. Each of our bathrooms is carefully designed, with a large mirror decoration and refurbished furniture. The part of the mansion that was used as boathouse before, has been converted into a hotel restaurant after the renovation.